Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's finally over...

This past weekend was Pre Cana. And all I can say is I am thrilled it's over.

It started off on Friday at 6pm. The reminder told us to be there at 6 and there would be refreshments, snacks and pizza. So the man and I both skipped dinner because we were told there would be food.

We get there and set up on some tables is veggies trays, cheese, some cookies, brownies and some soda and water. So we are thinking ok pre-dinner snack.

More people pile in and sit at the available tables and partake in the snacks. All the while you can hear people asking each other about the pizza. The couples at our table were all saying how they didn't have dinner cause they came right from work and were looking forward to the pizza.

So 6:30 the talks start. Each talk consisted of a couple getting up and giving us their biography on how they met and talks about one of the topics. I don't remember many of them because my stomach was eating itself. The ones I can remember were sex and sexuality (older couple talking about afternoon delights), adjustments in marriage (cute couple in their 70-80s), and the natural family planning talk that told us nothing.

After a talk, you take a test from your workbook and then go over your answers with each other. Then we were all split into groups for group sessions. These lasted about 10 minutes and were basically the couples sitting in a circle staring at each other while the lead couples tried to get us to talk.

After that a short break followed by another talk, test, group.

After the second group session there was a break and we noticed that the lead couples were eating. What were they eating....PIZZA!

So the man gets up with our reminder flyer and says to the lead peeps "Hey alot of us are wondering when we are going to get pizza." To which one of them says, "oh that's tomorrow." To which the man replies while holding up the flyer "Not according to this." They said "oh well that's a typo, the pizza is for lunch tomorrow." The man replies "Well you have a lot of pissed off people out here who haven't eaten dinner and they are hungry." They shrug, the man sits back down.

I am so hungry I am nauseous. I stuffed myself with cookies trying to get my blood sugar up and was on a sugar roller coaster of nausea. I barely paid attention to the rest of the evening because I felt so horrible. We got out at 9 and hit up a Wendy's for dinner.

The next morning was day 2 of pre cana. I woke up at 5 so sick I didn't know what to do with myself but I knew I had to make it to pre cana which lasted from 8:30-3. I basically overdosed on pepto bismol to stop any kind of unplanned evacuation.

When we got there they had a breakfast of donuts and bagels. I forced a donut down and hoped for the best.

More talks, tests and group sessions. The a holy hour, which was basically a small mass and then either confession or sitting until it was over. This is when we began text messaging everyone to complain about how much this sucked.

Holy hour was followed by the pizza, 18 hours too late. A few more talks and we were outta there by 2:30.

Seriously I didn't get much out of the whole ordeal. The whole idea of pre cana is to talk about things you may not have talked about. Like do you want kids, or how you are going to handle finances. I mean the man and I have been together for 3 years now. If you haven't talked about stuff like that in that amount of time, there is something seriously wrong with you and you don't know your partner. Maybe it's helpful for younger couples, who knows.