Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So Saturday we amped up the deconstruction process.
The man and I started at around 9:30, thinking people would be around to help us around 11 or so. Turns out all the people who said they were going to come didn't show up until after 1. And one called and said they weren't coming at all.

It was pretty odd how this place was put together. We thought that since it is an 80 yr old house that the whole thing would be lath and plaster. Turns out it is some sort of pre sheet rock stuff call rock lath, that was mailed to the studs and then they plastered over it. So the stuff was ridiculously heavy.

Around 1 my parents showed up and started pulling nails from the studs, which was a total huge help. That would have taken hours after we finished pulling everything down. My dad was pulling nails for probably 3-4 hours. It was nuts.

One thing that sucked was that is was nice and cool all week but on Saturday it was humid as hell, making the room disgusting. I sweat through 3 shirts in the process of pulling everything down. Throwing everything out the window into the dumpster was fun though.

So we got the entire back room gutted by the end of the day. We even got the carpet out and vacuumed most of the loose crap that was left on the floor.

The man started on our bedroom yesterday and got a good 80% of the stuff down and into the dumpster. I believe he is going to be working on it tomorrow as well, and then move onto the bathroom.

Hopefully we get the plans from the architect soon so that we can start the permit process and get moving on this thing. I am hoping this will only last 3 months. But one never knows what is going to happen when it comes to building stuff.

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's starting again

Yes this means yet another construction project has begun.

This time we are moving downstairs into our office. Why you may ask? Well because gutting and redoing the entire second floor of the house.

So the dumpster in the driveway is to collect all the drywall and carpet and insulation we rip off the walls.

Then we will be making one room into two, adding a bathroom to the master bedroom and renovating the main bathroom.

Hopefully this will all get done in a few months. Fingers crossed.