Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My chin is itchy. But it's also numb. So scratching can't be felt. So it stays itchy!!!!!!!

Kill me

Comfortably Numb?

So I left work today to have one of my wisdom teeth removed. I wasn't too thrilled about it and was rather anxious for it to be over.

I get there a half hour early to fill out "paperwork". Then I sat and waited an hour to get into the exam room. I sat there for another 5-10 min before the doctor even came in. He numbed me... a lot. 3 shots, one that hit some nerve that made my sinuses feel like they were on fire. Then he left for it to take effect. I proceeded to become numb from the middle of my chin to my ear (Yes my ear is numb to the touch).

He also took this time to tell me I should get the other three teeth removed (even though they aren't causing problems, hurting or in the way...yes I think he's a Nazi)

He finally came back 10 minutes later, or so. The told me that if it was a cooperative tooth it would take 5 minutes and I would have some pain later. If it wasn't cooperative it would take 10 minutes and drilling and hammering would be needed to get it out (EEEEK!).

He told me I would feel pressure and maybe her some crunching noises if the tooth breaks (hurk, gag). Then he put some clampy mouth opener thingy in my mouth, I only assume so that I wouldn't bite him, and started tugging and wiggling.

Luckily it was an easy bugger and came out without too much destruction.

I am now still numb, I had pudding for lunch (YAY PUDDING), I had the largest piece of gauze ever in my mouth, and I am tasting blood which is making me feel a tad icky. But I am back at work, because I am a trooper and I totally rock the pony ass.

That's my drama for the day.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

how many five year olds could you take... a fight.

I found this link today and it just made me laugh, so I had to take the survey and see how I would do.
I mean who wouldn't?


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stolen Fun

I stole this from Seismic Twitch who stole it from someone else.

You are in a band. Your band is about to release their first CD. Now, follow these directions to build it. Go to

The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The tail (last three or four words) of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4. Use the graphics program of your choice to put them together into your first CD.

And then the song list

Go to Random Title Generator and get your list of songs on the album:

Invisible Stream
The Burning Witch
Lords of Visions
The Fairy's Legend
The Touch of the Twins
Rose in the Lords
Playful Husband
The Missing Names
Edge of Alien
The Slave's Danger
The Game of the Flame
Winter in the Wife

That was fun!

My Life

I am taking on the meme posted by Only Me.

List years from 2007 to earliest you can remember and next to each year write down what you remember most from that year.

2007 - Got engaged to the man. Sold my house.

2006 - Disney World trip with the man. Buy house and move in together.

2005 - Met the man in February, crap roommate moved out, friend T moved in.

2004 - Got my precious puppy, Rooster (aka the monkey)

2003 - Kenny Roger's tour bus. Meet C in June. Break up with C, right around Christmas, perpetuating me hating Dec. 13 Date a bunch of guys in air force.

2002 - Rehired to job. Bought my first house in Sept. First housemate.

2001 - Searching for own house, dumped K for cheating on me (Dec. 13), fired from job the following week, bad Christmas this year.

2000 - Buy first car on my own. Get laid off in Spring, live off severance and unemployment. Get current job in October.

1999 - Visit San Francisco, have sweat surgery.

1998 - Lose a ton of weight, get first car of my own, graduate college. First job in my field

1997 - College, co-op job drinking and smoking lots, crap trip to Nags Head

1996 - College, co-op job drinking and smoking lots

1995 - class, drinking and smoking lots

1994 - Drive by bonnetting. graduate high school, work, start college in Sept. Pop-Pop dies.

1993 - high school, powderpuff football, work, goofing off. Got license that summer.

1992 - high school, softball, work, goofing off. Exchange student from Germany. Visit Germany in Summer.

1991 - high school, softball, work, goofing off

1990 - middle school, soccer, softball, work, goofing off

1989 - middle school, soccer, softball, goofing off

1988 - trip to cranberry bogs in the spring, Attacked by yellow jackets.

1987 - 6th grade, big hair, soccer, softball, goofing off. Crush on B, but someone told pissed off

1986 - 5th grade had a sleep over where one girl was such a loud wack job that my mom declared no more sleepovers

1985 - joined neighborhood swim team, was really good. Hated coach. 4th had new teacher, with one huge swollen hand, who made us outline everything. Many painful days copying what she wrote on the chalk board.

1984 - first trip to Disney World

1983 - Second grade. Forgot how to read because teacher didn't emphasis reading. She made great banana bread though.

1982 - First grade had teacher stand up for me to a kid who made fun of me for wearing glasses.

1981 - kindergarten, first remembered crush on kid named Max.

1980 - Nursery school, met teacher and cried cause she had a huge growth on her wrist. When school started she had had it removed. Grandmom woke me and sis up because brother was born.

1979 - don't remember

1978 - don't remember

1977 - don't remember

1976 - Born

This goes to show that most of my school years were uneventful and boring as hell.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Crooked lady, with the crooked walk

All I can say is ow.

I went to the gym last night. Ended up on a treadmill. It was ok, but it didn't feel "right". It felt like it was getting stuck and not moving fast enough. I think the belt was sticking or something cause it was squeaking. I think I felt a little twinge, but nothing painful, in my back as well. So I stopped after 5 minutes because i saw an elliptical machine open up.

So I get on the elliptical for 25 minutes and I go home. Nothing major just a half hour work out. I did notice the twinge again on my way out of the car, but I didn't think much of it because it was snowing and I wanted to get in the house as soon as possible.

So I did my usual, drop the bag, let the dog out, let the dog in, grab a snack, and sit on the couch to chill before my shower.

After a half hour or so I decide to go shower and this is where it all gets owwy. Shooting pain in my back just below the middle. I couldn't stand up straight without pain. So I thought I would take a bath to soak.
Then I iced it for a bit and then heating pad. By 10 I really couldn't stand up straight and I hobbled upstairs to take Tylenol PM and into bed I crashed.

Thank god it hurts less this morning. But it still hurts. I really don't know what I did and if I did I would like to know what it was so I can avoid doing it in the future.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Work Slowage

Well it seems I have finished most of my work for the day. Well that's the work that was there this morning, no telling what will show up this afternoon. So I am back to sitting around bored out of my mind, kind of like I was around the holidays. Oh well.

I have a bunch of appointments to make and I don't feel like it. It's like an overwhelming amount of crap that I am going to have to get done. Mostly wedding shit, but not all. Yesterday I set up an appointment to go to the oral surgeon to have my tooth pulled (sad). I still have to get in contact with the music people at the church, call the trainer to set up sessions, set up pre-cana classes (when I find out when they are), call a florist, call to set up a first fitting for my dress (when I find shoes that I want to wear), find a flight to Hawaii and back, pick an invitation, and register somewhere. I am sure there are more things I need to do, but I can't think of any more at the moment.

The registering thing is a pain. Basically because there isn't much that we need that we can register for. We both owned houses, so we have 2 of just about everything. I don't want a set of china, because I don't have anywhere to put it and it seems like an outdated thing to have anymore. I mean my mom has a set and they use it more often now as everyday dishes because it sat in a cabinet for 30 years or so. The man just wants money, but that seems kind of obnoxious to me a little. I mean there are older people being invited to the wedding and traditionally they get you a gift. I think we should at least register for towels and maybe bedding and shit like that, most of ours is old or hand me down type stuff. I really don't know what else to register for, blarg.

I have a few books of invitations to go through. I am not really worried about it, I can order them through my office and get 50% off so that makes things easy. I just have to find one I like.

Something that seemed so far off is suddenly seeming way too close to get everything done.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We had to meet with a priest at our church today to start the preparation for the wedding. Apparently we are a little behind schedule...oh well. He told me he was going to call me and then didn't.

So we got the low down on what we need to do. We have to meet with him at least 3 times to do paper work and "get to know you" stuff. We aren't doing a whole mass with the wedding because that is annoying and I don't want it. And the priest is totally cool with that, thank god. I was hoping he didn't turn out to be a strict holy roller type guy, and he isn't. I mean when a priest says "cool" and "awesome", he is pretty much ok in my book.

We still need to get into a Pre-Cana class. Which is a class you have to take in order to be married in the Catholic church. Basically it's like pre-marital counseling. It gives you a chance to talk about things you may not have discussed and how to deal with things. I like the idea and I have been told that it is helpful. My brother in law is Jewish and he and my sister took the class and he thought it was very helpful. So we will see how that all pans out.

Well that's all I have for today.

Monday, January 14, 2008

New shit different day

I have actually been busy at work, hence the lack of posting every day.

Not much has been going on, the cold is still lingering. I went to work this morning with minor sinus pain, that escalated by 9:30. So I zipped home to get some decongestant and ibuprofin. That seems to be working for now.

I am trying to get back into a more regular gym going schedule. Maybe this week. The man got me 6 sessions with a personal trainer, maybe that will motivate me. I just need to make an appointment with them first. So procrastination will undoubtedly occur.

Oh well, Must finish my last 15 minutes or so.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Colds suck

So I have been snotty most of the week. I have been on a steady diet of Claritin D during the day and NyQuil (I love you, you motherfucking Q) at night. It's been good times.

The wonder of decongestant is it's miraculous drying abilities. I was so parched I was going through 4 liters of water during work alone. I had chapped lips and everything, it sucked.

And now thanks to the chapped lips I woke up with a lovely cold sore! It hurts and makes me sad. The only cool thing is that I don't get them on the outer edge of my lips so you can see them. No I get them on the inner edge of my lips. This is good because you can't see it, but bad because when I close my mouth just touching my lips together hurts.

Oh and the sinus pressure hasn't gone away yet either. I have an ear popping sensation all the time in my ears and on either side of my nose, which also makes my head feel all wonky and vertigo-y.

Hopefully I will be feeling more normal soon. Or as normal as I can feel.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Snot pocket

I am sick. I had been fighting it off since last Thursday and it finally got me. Damnit.

So I slept like shit cause whatever I took didn't work nor did it keep me asleep as promised.
So I am sleepy and snotty.

I took Claritin D this morning and my snot runneth over....

Weeks in Review

Ok I am back at work and waiting for things to burn/print/save. So I figured I would update.
I haven't been in the mood to blog and I apologize, I hope the few of you who come by to read aren't too annoyed with me.

So Christmas was cool. Christmas eve we go to the man's parent house for gifts and dinner. Christmas morning, the man makes breakfast and we open our prezzies to each other. I got some cool stuff, a 21 in flat screen monitor, ipod shuffle and a Nintendo DS. He got a navigation thing for his car some movies, a robe, tools and socks! Then after we chill for a while we go to my parents house for more presents and brunch.
Then to top off the day we go to the man's sisters house for a Christmas dinner party. I was trying to behave myself in the alcohol department. The man, on the other hand, is another story.

The rest of the week we did nothing. We would get up around 10 or 11 eat breakfast, sit on the couch watching movies until 3 or 4 and then get up and venture outside.

On one of those days, Friday I believe, we went to talk to a travel agent about our honeymoon, just to explore our options. Thought about doing a week of cruising Hawaii and a week in Maui. We opted to use the man's parents time share to get cheap accommodations!!!!! We just have to find a flight at this point. So that is shaping up well.

On Saturday we had to go to the man's work holiday party. We showed up having eaten very little because it is usually a dinner. Not this time. It was butlered horses ovaries and open bar, with very loud music. So by the 3rd screwdriver I was hammered cause I had 4 bit sized pieces of chicken to eat. Eventually we left and met up with a friend who was playing drums for a band a little bar in the city. There we had the best pulled pork sammitch evah! Seriously when you are drunk and hungry food tastes awesome.

Sunday was a holiday party at the man's aunts house. I wasn't in the mood to be social but we went anyway. There were 3 kids under 4 running around the house screaming. There was no where to sit and the man had a tad too much wine. I eventually convinced him to go home when his sister and parents were leaving, even though he wanted another glass.

New Year's eve was very uneventful. Most people had things to do so we invited a few people over. One couple didn't come because one of them had to work. The other came and we just hung out chatting drinking wine. Rung in the new year with some champers and that was about it. New Year's day we slept late again. Went to my mom's for pork and sauerkraut and then the man had to go in to the city to strike the convention center. It was only a 5-6 hour strike thank god.

And then Wednesday it was back to work time. And that was the long and short of my missing time.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm alive

I took 11 days off of work and did absolutely nothing. Slept late then moved to the couch to watch tv maybe getting up to go out to do something or other around 3 or 4 in the afternoon then unhealthy food and or alcohol at night and then bed. Shower (maybe). Rinse (only if I showered). Repeat. It was loverly.

Today was my first day back to work started with my car battery being dead. So I had to wake the man to move his truck to jump start my car. It was either that or I took his truck to work leaving him immobile all day (he didn't like that option). Then I get to work to find out that a client is going to come in to sit with me and do all his edits. I don't know if I have blogged about it before but I like this as much as I like a white hot piece of metal stuck in my eye.


Hopefully I will get back to bloggin more frequently in the days to come.

Happy New Year and all that jazz.