Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Life

I am taking on the meme posted by Only Me.

List years from 2007 to earliest you can remember and next to each year write down what you remember most from that year.

2007 - Got engaged to the man. Sold my house.

2006 - Disney World trip with the man. Buy house and move in together.

2005 - Met the man in February, crap roommate moved out, friend T moved in.

2004 - Got my precious puppy, Rooster (aka the monkey)

2003 - Kenny Roger's tour bus. Meet C in June. Break up with C, right around Christmas, perpetuating me hating Dec. 13 Date a bunch of guys in air force.

2002 - Rehired to job. Bought my first house in Sept. First housemate.

2001 - Searching for own house, dumped K for cheating on me (Dec. 13), fired from job the following week, bad Christmas this year.

2000 - Buy first car on my own. Get laid off in Spring, live off severance and unemployment. Get current job in October.

1999 - Visit San Francisco, have sweat surgery.

1998 - Lose a ton of weight, get first car of my own, graduate college. First job in my field

1997 - College, co-op job drinking and smoking lots, crap trip to Nags Head

1996 - College, co-op job drinking and smoking lots

1995 - class, drinking and smoking lots

1994 - Drive by bonnetting. graduate high school, work, start college in Sept. Pop-Pop dies.

1993 - high school, powderpuff football, work, goofing off. Got license that summer.

1992 - high school, softball, work, goofing off. Exchange student from Germany. Visit Germany in Summer.

1991 - high school, softball, work, goofing off

1990 - middle school, soccer, softball, work, goofing off

1989 - middle school, soccer, softball, goofing off

1988 - trip to cranberry bogs in the spring, Attacked by yellow jackets.

1987 - 6th grade, big hair, soccer, softball, goofing off. Crush on B, but someone told pissed off

1986 - 5th grade had a sleep over where one girl was such a loud wack job that my mom declared no more sleepovers

1985 - joined neighborhood swim team, was really good. Hated coach. 4th had new teacher, with one huge swollen hand, who made us outline everything. Many painful days copying what she wrote on the chalk board.

1984 - first trip to Disney World

1983 - Second grade. Forgot how to read because teacher didn't emphasis reading. She made great banana bread though.

1982 - First grade had teacher stand up for me to a kid who made fun of me for wearing glasses.

1981 - kindergarten, first remembered crush on kid named Max.

1980 - Nursery school, met teacher and cried cause she had a huge growth on her wrist. When school started she had had it removed. Grandmom woke me and sis up because brother was born.

1979 - don't remember

1978 - don't remember

1977 - don't remember

1976 - Born

This goes to show that most of my school years were uneventful and boring as hell.

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