Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Weeks in Review

Ok I am back at work and waiting for things to burn/print/save. So I figured I would update.
I haven't been in the mood to blog and I apologize, I hope the few of you who come by to read aren't too annoyed with me.

So Christmas was cool. Christmas eve we go to the man's parent house for gifts and dinner. Christmas morning, the man makes breakfast and we open our prezzies to each other. I got some cool stuff, a 21 in flat screen monitor, ipod shuffle and a Nintendo DS. He got a navigation thing for his car some movies, a robe, tools and socks! Then after we chill for a while we go to my parents house for more presents and brunch.
Then to top off the day we go to the man's sisters house for a Christmas dinner party. I was trying to behave myself in the alcohol department. The man, on the other hand, is another story.

The rest of the week we did nothing. We would get up around 10 or 11 eat breakfast, sit on the couch watching movies until 3 or 4 and then get up and venture outside.

On one of those days, Friday I believe, we went to talk to a travel agent about our honeymoon, just to explore our options. Thought about doing a week of cruising Hawaii and a week in Maui. We opted to use the man's parents time share to get cheap accommodations!!!!! We just have to find a flight at this point. So that is shaping up well.

On Saturday we had to go to the man's work holiday party. We showed up having eaten very little because it is usually a dinner. Not this time. It was butlered horses ovaries and open bar, with very loud music. So by the 3rd screwdriver I was hammered cause I had 4 bit sized pieces of chicken to eat. Eventually we left and met up with a friend who was playing drums for a band a little bar in the city. There we had the best pulled pork sammitch evah! Seriously when you are drunk and hungry food tastes awesome.

Sunday was a holiday party at the man's aunts house. I wasn't in the mood to be social but we went anyway. There were 3 kids under 4 running around the house screaming. There was no where to sit and the man had a tad too much wine. I eventually convinced him to go home when his sister and parents were leaving, even though he wanted another glass.

New Year's eve was very uneventful. Most people had things to do so we invited a few people over. One couple didn't come because one of them had to work. The other came and we just hung out chatting drinking wine. Rung in the new year with some champers and that was about it. New Year's day we slept late again. Went to my mom's for pork and sauerkraut and then the man had to go in to the city to strike the convention center. It was only a 5-6 hour strike thank god.

And then Wednesday it was back to work time. And that was the long and short of my missing time.

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Only me said...

The sheltered pom/honoury aussie wonders - What the hell is pulled pork?

In UK they pull then pork but it's nothing to do with sarnies...