Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OMG the coolest thing happened...

ok so we get picked up for our honeymoon this morning at 5 am. Flight is at 7.
We get to the airport ok and check in and all that jazz. Then we realize that we aren't sitting together. Nice start to a honeymoon right? We even asked to see if we could change it, and nothing.

So we suck in up in the back of the plane, each of us on either side of the plane stuck in the center. Totally uncomfortable and it sucked.

So we get to Phoenix and check in and AGAIN we aren't sitting next to each other. So we goo eat and sit at the gate. When they announced that there were a few first class seats left for a $250 upgrade per ticket. We considered and thought that $500 was way too much. So the man went up to the desk to see if we could at least sit together because it is our honeymoon and we didn't get to sit together on our first flight today. The woman at the desk took our boarding passes and said, well I will see what I can do. A few minutes later they call us back and WE ARE UPGRADED TO FIRST CLASS BABY! 7 hour flight to Kauai in first class. It was awesome. Free food, free booze and room to stretch out. And probably the only time we will be in first class.

Well I have to get to sleep. It's 3:30 am according to my body clock and I got up at 4 am yesterday. I almost want to stay up the extra half hour to make it a full 24 hours awake, but I am falling on my face.

nighty night

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's time

Well folks, I am getting married in the morning. Ding Dong the bells are gonna chime!

Ok sorry for the My Fair Lady outburst.

So I won't be around for a while because we are leaving for Hawaii on Tuesday. So looking forward to the vacation.

See ya in two weeks or so!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sad News

My cousin died this past Saturday morning. He was 47.

He was a real fun cool guy. I'm gonna miss him.

Childhood flashbacks

A friend of mine just sent me a link of he 50 worst album covers. Freaking hilarious.

Then I get to one of them, and I actually remember the guy on the cover.

Meet Slim Goodbody...
I remember this guy on pbs in the 70s. He wore a full leotard covered painted with muscles and organs, like he was supposed to be transparent. He had little skits on how to eat healthy and how to exercise. If memory serves, he was on Captain Kangaroo. I didn't know he had an album.

Apparently a guy I work with had Slim visit his elementary school.

Not sure how many people will remember this one. And I think he still exists cause he has a website. too funny.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trials and tribulations of a license...

...a marriage license.

So the wedding date is damn soon and I figured I should get my ass in gear and apply for the marriage license. Turns out there is a new administration in our town an the person who used to be the registrar, and whom I knew, is no longer there. So I go about trying to find out who is it so I could be sure I had everything I needed to get the license and to be sure someone would be there.

I called last Monday morning, found out who it was and had to leave a voice mail. Tuesday i hadn't heard back, so I call again...voice mail and a second message. Getting more annoyed I call Tuesday afternoon, finally she answers. I confirm the stuff I need and ask if it was ok to come in on Wednesday with the man and my mom, cause we needed a witness (cause suddenly a driver's license is not a concrete piece of identification?). The woman says that would be fine and if she isn't there someone would be able to help me.

Wednesday we go in around 1:30, the time I told the registrar I would come in, and she isn't there. I have to asked 3 people who it is who could help us. A woman comes out of the tax office and says she can help out. We fill out everything, confirm the info and she tells me to come back Monday or Tuesday to pick it up.

Tuesday I decide to go pick up the license during my lunch hour. Thinking I just need to run in and pick it up. Yeah, I was wrong. I go to the office and the registrar is not there, as usual. A woman at a desk tells me that the license is typed up but IT ISN'T SIGNED!!!!! and the registrar is out of the office until after two, which is when I need to be back at work. So I said I didn't think she would need to be here, I was told I could just pick it up. They said well when are you done work, I said 5:00 and they said oh yeah we are closed by then so that isn't good. Finally a woman says she would leave a note for the registrar to sign the form so that I could pick it up on Wednesday. So I leave irritated because it should have been signed adn having to come back again is f-in ridiculous.

So I go back today. Again during my lunch hour. And you know what, the registrar WASN'T THERE! Surprised huh? So the woman who helped me last week was able to get into her office and date the license and give it to me. So I head home.

When I get home I look at the license because I noticed in the office that the woman wrote our social security numbers on the back and then she put an arrow to indicate that the numbers should be swapped. So I was curious as to why she did that.

This is when I almost exploded in anger. Upon my closer look at the license I discover that the farking registrar switch all the information around and it was in the wrong spaces, so it said I was the groom and the man was the bride! So I basically had a completely invalid license. So I tried calling the offices and, of course, no one answers their phones. So I had to go back to show them that they were farking idiots and that I needed a new license. The woman who helped me didn't look too surprised that it was messed up and rolled her eyes and gave an irritated sigh. I told her that this has been the only part in the wedding planning that has been a total pain the ass.

So she went to get another form, and asked where my street was. I told her and she said, well I can't sit here right now and type this out because I have to go pick up my son, and I can't sign it anyway so I have to wait for the registrar to come back to give it to you anyway. So she said she would drop it off at my house tonight. Finally someone who is helpful and wiling to fix their retardedness.

And that has honestly been the most stress inducing part of the whole wedding planning. It has totally put me in a rage this week.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Portrait of a killer...

A SQUEAKY TOY KILLER!!!!!oh the horror!!!

Holy crap

I just saw an article about a woman who is pregnant with her 18th kid. 18th!!!
It's a family who had a tv show on TLC, the Duggers.

I mean I am all for having kids, but 18!

I mean geez her cervix probably doesn't even close any more. No wonder they have so many with such easy access. Is her uterus down to her knees?! Cause after that many pregnancies the stuff inside can't possible hold up as well. After 3 my mom's uterus just gave out and decided to rest on her bladder. So I can't fathom how after 18 pregnancies hers isn't waving the white flag.

In total she has been pregnant for 11 years. I can't even imagine. Just the thought of it makes me tired.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

the digital age...

What is it about a new camera that makes the lunatic I am marrying go nuts and try to take a pic of me in the shower. I mean I am standing there shaving the girlie bits and a flash goes off over my head. WTF?
He didn't get anything I basically hugged the curtain, but still!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Our little patch of dirt...


more pics to come I am sure.
The man is at home "supervising" and sending pics



I came into work for this?

I think the idiot sales guy in the office is clipping his toe nails in his office....*shiver*

Just the clipping sound makes me want to hurl.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

This is what is sounds like....

when doves cry (parrots scream)....

This is the sound track of my house. Only multiply it by 2 and have it play for 2 hours straight.

No where near Prince music.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Slipping into a coma...

I have been so bored all week long.

Work is slow for some reason.

Thank god for other peoples blogs and their achives, for without them I would have poked my eye out with a pencil by now.