Friday, May 9, 2008

Holy crap

I just saw an article about a woman who is pregnant with her 18th kid. 18th!!!
It's a family who had a tv show on TLC, the Duggers.

I mean I am all for having kids, but 18!

I mean geez her cervix probably doesn't even close any more. No wonder they have so many with such easy access. Is her uterus down to her knees?! Cause after that many pregnancies the stuff inside can't possible hold up as well. After 3 my mom's uterus just gave out and decided to rest on her bladder. So I can't fathom how after 18 pregnancies hers isn't waving the white flag.

In total she has been pregnant for 11 years. I can't even imagine. Just the thought of it makes me tired.

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dykewife said...

when she did the shows (two of them) they were 15 going on 16 kids. at least i think that's how many there were. at the time her husband and older kids were building a new house for them to move into. it was definitely a house for a crowd.

when they were in the process of building it she was pregnant and the hoped for completion time for hte house was before she had the baby. it didn't work out that way though and she had the baby a few months before they were able to move in.

the house is actually quite beautiful and very kid friendly (like there was a choice?). they had 3 or 4 washers and driers, an industrial sized kitchen with a cafeteria style buffet thing and piles of other things. it was professionally decorated by some of the tlc designers who have their own shows.

the scariest thing for me was the daughters who were also going to have as many kids as the lord gave them (as in no contraception) and the older boys were going to marry women like their mom.

oh, did you know that she home schools as well? yeah, she does.