Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OMG the coolest thing happened...

ok so we get picked up for our honeymoon this morning at 5 am. Flight is at 7.
We get to the airport ok and check in and all that jazz. Then we realize that we aren't sitting together. Nice start to a honeymoon right? We even asked to see if we could change it, and nothing.

So we suck in up in the back of the plane, each of us on either side of the plane stuck in the center. Totally uncomfortable and it sucked.

So we get to Phoenix and check in and AGAIN we aren't sitting next to each other. So we goo eat and sit at the gate. When they announced that there were a few first class seats left for a $250 upgrade per ticket. We considered and thought that $500 was way too much. So the man went up to the desk to see if we could at least sit together because it is our honeymoon and we didn't get to sit together on our first flight today. The woman at the desk took our boarding passes and said, well I will see what I can do. A few minutes later they call us back and WE ARE UPGRADED TO FIRST CLASS BABY! 7 hour flight to Kauai in first class. It was awesome. Free food, free booze and room to stretch out. And probably the only time we will be in first class.

Well I have to get to sleep. It's 3:30 am according to my body clock and I got up at 4 am yesterday. I almost want to stay up the extra half hour to make it a full 24 hours awake, but I am falling on my face.

nighty night


Only me said...

Congratulations Mr & Mrs!

Only me said...

I know you're home now. POST!