Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Childhood flashbacks

A friend of mine just sent me a link of he 50 worst album covers. Freaking hilarious.

Then I get to one of them, and I actually remember the guy on the cover.

Meet Slim Goodbody...
I remember this guy on pbs in the 70s. He wore a full leotard covered painted with muscles and organs, like he was supposed to be transparent. He had little skits on how to eat healthy and how to exercise. If memory serves, he was on Captain Kangaroo. I didn't know he had an album.

Apparently a guy I work with had Slim visit his elementary school.

Not sure how many people will remember this one. And I think he still exists cause he has a website. too funny.

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Only me said...

The goody - goody thing turned out to be too much for him. He done an MJ style skin bleaching, turned around his attitude and he's now Slim Shady. Heard of him?