Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Work Slowage

Well it seems I have finished most of my work for the day. Well that's the work that was there this morning, no telling what will show up this afternoon. So I am back to sitting around bored out of my mind, kind of like I was around the holidays. Oh well.

I have a bunch of appointments to make and I don't feel like it. It's like an overwhelming amount of crap that I am going to have to get done. Mostly wedding shit, but not all. Yesterday I set up an appointment to go to the oral surgeon to have my tooth pulled (sad). I still have to get in contact with the music people at the church, call the trainer to set up sessions, set up pre-cana classes (when I find out when they are), call a florist, call to set up a first fitting for my dress (when I find shoes that I want to wear), find a flight to Hawaii and back, pick an invitation, and register somewhere. I am sure there are more things I need to do, but I can't think of any more at the moment.

The registering thing is a pain. Basically because there isn't much that we need that we can register for. We both owned houses, so we have 2 of just about everything. I don't want a set of china, because I don't have anywhere to put it and it seems like an outdated thing to have anymore. I mean my mom has a set and they use it more often now as everyday dishes because it sat in a cabinet for 30 years or so. The man just wants money, but that seems kind of obnoxious to me a little. I mean there are older people being invited to the wedding and traditionally they get you a gift. I think we should at least register for towels and maybe bedding and shit like that, most of ours is old or hand me down type stuff. I really don't know what else to register for, blarg.

I have a few books of invitations to go through. I am not really worried about it, I can order them through my office and get 50% off so that makes things easy. I just have to find one I like.

Something that seemed so far off is suddenly seeming way too close to get everything done.

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Only me said...

In the UK the current trend is to ask for gift tokens for a department store. That way you can buy anything.

If you're cunning you can then trade these for cash with people in the queue. So I've heard.