Tuesday, January 29, 2008

how many five year olds could you take...

...in a fight.

I found this link today and it just made me laugh, so I had to take the survey and see how I would do.
I mean who wouldn't?



RubyRed said...

lol. I love this quiz, who comes up with this stuff? ahaha.. I can take only 14 kids.. that can't be true, I just took over 20 just last week, haha, jk. if youlike that quiz, you'll like this other one I found at http://www.quizlee.com/uber-geek. Its about how Uber geek you are, its pretty funny, have fun!

Only me said...

I got 30 too. It's scarey to think you're a chick and fight t the same level as me. Shudder. I'm such a girl.

Only me said...

PS. Mind you...I have morals. Do you know what they are?

he he he ;)