Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Comfortably Numb?

So I left work today to have one of my wisdom teeth removed. I wasn't too thrilled about it and was rather anxious for it to be over.

I get there a half hour early to fill out "paperwork". Then I sat and waited an hour to get into the exam room. I sat there for another 5-10 min before the doctor even came in. He numbed me... a lot. 3 shots, one that hit some nerve that made my sinuses feel like they were on fire. Then he left for it to take effect. I proceeded to become numb from the middle of my chin to my ear (Yes my ear is numb to the touch).

He also took this time to tell me I should get the other three teeth removed (even though they aren't causing problems, hurting or in the way...yes I think he's a Nazi)

He finally came back 10 minutes later, or so. The told me that if it was a cooperative tooth it would take 5 minutes and I would have some pain later. If it wasn't cooperative it would take 10 minutes and drilling and hammering would be needed to get it out (EEEEK!).

He told me I would feel pressure and maybe her some crunching noises if the tooth breaks (hurk, gag). Then he put some clampy mouth opener thingy in my mouth, I only assume so that I wouldn't bite him, and started tugging and wiggling.

Luckily it was an easy bugger and came out without too much destruction.

I am now still numb, I had pudding for lunch (YAY PUDDING), I had the largest piece of gauze ever in my mouth, and I am tasting blood which is making me feel a tad icky. But I am back at work, because I am a trooper and I totally rock the pony ass.

That's my drama for the day.

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Only me said...

I have a "system" for dentist. It's the only thing that makes me mildy gay.

I grab their gonads and say "If you hurt me, I'm hurting you"

They always seem to take extra care....