Monday, June 18, 2007

Dear Lord

Yesterday while driving by my neighborhood Walgreens I saw a sign flash up on the led screen saying they now carry Alli.
Upon seeing the sign I asked the man, "What the hell is Alli?"
To which he replied, "I dunno a cat?" (he didn't see the sign and is prone to make silly comments of this nature)
I said, "Well Walgreens carries it now, apparently." And that was that.

Just today while paging through MSNBC I see an article titled "New Diet Drug: Accidents May Happen". Intrigued and unbearably bored I clicked the link and get hit with the subtitle "The Word Is "Leakage"!!!!! Much to my disgust...oh who are we kidding, amusement, I find that there is this new OTC drug called Alli and when taken can cause ANAL LEAKAGE!!!!!!

Who are these diet drug people and why do they think this is an ok side effect? It seems when you take it, if you exceed 15g of fat per meal leakage can occur. They interview a bunch of people in the article and they have no problem with this?

What has the world come to when essentially being reduced to a diaper is an ok side effect for weight loss?

Oh the humanity!!!

that's all I can stomach.

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Only me said...

If I knew someone on that I'd try to sneak lard balls into their dinner for shits and giggles. Literally.