Saturday, October 11, 2008

Payback's a bitch

We found out something hilarious last week. Remember the assholes who called the township on us? Well it turns out they messed with the wrong person and they are getting their comeuppance.

The assholes live next door to a nice family. Their driveways are right next to each other with a strip of grass between them. Well apparently the assholes have been a royal pain to them for years, starting years ago when the nice family's sons were shoveling the driveway one snowy morning and they decided to be neighborly and shovel the assholes driveway as well. Well the assholes called the cops on them. More incidents followed and they basically don't speak to each other any more.

Turns out that while we were on our honeymoon the assholes decided to remove a stump between the two driveways. There had been a tree there years ago that died and the nice family had cut it down and didn't bother grinding out the stump. So they had potted plants on it to more or less cover it up. The nice family came home one day to the stump missing. This confused them because they didn't pay to get it removed and it was on their property. They even went so far as to have their property resurveyed to prove that the stump was on their property, which is was. So now the nice family are going to sue the assholes! I am not exactly sure what they are suing them for and I don't really care. They are nosey and obnoxious and they should just mind their own fucking business.

YAY Karma!

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