Friday, September 21, 2007

Lady Visit

My sister is visiting... YAY LADY IS HERE!

She decided to make it a surprise for my parents. I was pretty much the only one who knew about it.

She decided to fly into Philly and take the train to the closest station and call my mom to ask her to pick her up. She usually takes a red eye so that she can leave at night and be on the east coast by morning. So when she called the caller ID would say California, and it would be really early in the morning and it would make my mom panic a little.

So she left Cali thursday night and came into Philly around 6:30 in the morning. From there she would take the train to downtown Philly and transfer to the Patco into Jersey. Then she called from the station and my mom was like well you are up early. And lady said, yeah I guess. Then she said, wow tickets are more expensive than last time. And my mom was like, um ok. Then lady said, yeah train tickets, could you pick me up at the station? And my mom was like um yeah ok, where are you? Lady said W Station, could you come and get me? And my mom said "hurh???" Then she said "Is this a surprise visit?" (Mom can be slow sometimes...) And lady said um yes.

So I call my mom a few times and it's busy. Finally I get through and my like a smart ass say, "Go get your kid". My mom goes "You knew about this?" I said yup, the whole time. Then I think she called me a name..Stinker. she's a mom, what can I say.

I had to make it through a whole day of work before seeing her. It's been over a year. So we had dinner and the following day was wedding dress shopping extravaganza. woot

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