Friday, September 7, 2007

The Meeting...

So the meeting was looming on the horizon. And we were talking to our backyard neighbors who said they would come to the meeting to speak for us, since he is a lawyer and does that sort of thing. And another one said he would come to because he is a well known architect in the area. So we started to feel more confident.

The architect ended up not being able to make it but he made a list of points for the variance. Which was awesome. We still had another neighbor and a possible 3rd showing up for us.

The meeting day came and we went to the municipal building It was very nerve wracking and something I don't ever want to have to do again. People piled into the room that we didn't recognize and we started to get nervous. Then the lawyer showed up and that was cool, then the suspected callers showed up, and then another neighbor showed up that we weren't sure what her stance was. There was presentation and another case before us, so we had to sit there for a while and sweat it out, which sucked. The presentation went on forever. The first case came up and was quickly thrown out because the guy was a moron and simply drew on his survey instead of getting a new one.

Then it came to our turn. The man stood up and gave over the survey and some pictures. And then the circus started. I have never seen a board of people more stupid in my life. Most of them had no clue how to read a survey and they balked that it was a year old and had our mailing address on it rather than the township address. Just a bunch of petty bullshit. They didn't understand the pictures, or the position of our garage in relation to our neighbors. It was just back and forth bullshit between the members. So the man read the list of points for the garage and they balked at 2 of them. And one woman flat out stated she wasn't going to vote for us because "it's their job to enforce the rules" blah blah blah bitch.

Then someone one the board stated that in some instances the rule can't be followed and that was the reason for the variance. YAY LOVE HIM!

So this went on for over a half hour. And they opened the floor up to whoever wanted to speak. The lawyer got up and spoke and plead the case that all the garages are like that and having to move it will put it in a horrible spot blah blah blah. Then the neighbor that we didn't know her stance stood up and spoke FOR US! YAY LOVE HER TOO! And she said that same type thing. And then callers just sat there, they didn't get up and speak against us, fuckers...

So then it came to the vote and it went back and forth and they were trying to get us to adjust what we wanted to make it so that we move it but not as much. It was like a huge standoff. So we said we would move it but not as much if that is acceptable. Then one of the board members adjusted the proposal and it came out that they suggested we move it but only half a much as required. We accepted and then they voted 6 for 3 against. SO WE WON!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKERS!

We ended up having to move the garage 3ft 2 in from the property line, only on one side. As opposed to 5ft from all property lines which would have placed the garage near the middle of the back yard.

So we left happy. And then as we were walking out, the woman who called on us came up and said "we haven't been formally introduced" AND SHOOK OUR HANDS!!!!!! The fucking nerve.

So the variance went through and we applied for permits and construction started up again on Monday.

The look on the face of the neighbor, whom I now call the cunt, when the trucks showed up was priceless.
I will put it this way, it didn't look happy.

And now they are constantly watering their lawn to keep an eye on us....

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