Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Varience....

So the man goes to the municiple office to talk to the inspector, who is still pissed off about the whole thing. We find out that the neighbor who called apparently called many times and he was trying to blow them off. But they were insistent that he do something about it.

Then he started giving the man a rash of shit about how he should fine us, and what we did was illegal. And once the building is down it no longer exists. And how what we did voided our home owners insurance. And how variences rarely go through because it is like asking them to overlook the laws and let us in a sense break the law. blah blah blah...asshole!

So we find out that we have to go to the zoning board to get the variance. The office is down the hall, so the man takes a walk. The zoning board woman, is the BEST PERSON EVER!!!!! She was going to sign off on the whole thing right then and there and let us build the garage because she knows that the garages in our neighborhood all sit on the property line and there is really nothing you can do about it. And moving it is a royal pain in the ass and it's expensive. So she wrote a letter allowing the variance and sends it to the inspector. Who threw a shit fit. Little bastard...

So she calls the man and tells him that the inspector is making us go through the whole board meeting process even though she has authority over him. But WHATEVER!

So she prints out a letter that we have to leave at the door of all the neighbors in a 200ft radius and even prints the letter out for us. Has us put an ad in the paper, cause it has to be made public record. So we had the letters out and wait for the meeting, which thankfully was only 2 weeks away.

In the meantime we start to do some investigating to find out who called. We had our suspicions because the neighbor across the street kept coming over to "see what we were doing". And they kept making comments to the effect of "I didn't know you could do that" and "I hope they don't make you tear it down".
Cause comments like that wouldn't put any suspicion on you would it? Fuckers...

We come to find out that they tried to expand their garage and were turned down 3 times. Like that is my problem. And they are the first ones to call the cops on people on the street. Then I find out that the guy who lives there likes to roam around the other neighbors yards to see what is going on, especially when construction is going on.

So during the waiting period for the meeting, they suddenly aren't outside working on their yard anymore. Suddenly they are scarce. Hmm odd behavior isn't it?

We talked to other neighbors and they suspected them as well. We started to get concerned about someone showing up to the meeting to say something against our garage. Everyone seemed to think that they wouldn't show up because we would know it was them for sure. So we thought that would be the case.

to be continued

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