Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Garage Woes...

Yes it's been a while, stop whining.

A bunch of crap has been going on lately.

We decided that when we sold my house we would use the money to pay off the second mortgage and rebuild our garage. The garage that we had was a completely dilapidated, termite infested cesspool that had been falling down for years. It literally had holes in the roof and the walls were rotting to the point that you could push on it and poke a hole through it. So we couldn't even use it for basic storage because it wasn't even rain proof.

So we were told by neighbors that if we rebuilt it wall by wall, we wouldn't need a permit. We talked to just about everyone whose properties touched ours and no one had a problem with it. They all gave their blessing and said thank god you are getting rid of that eye sore.

So the plan was to take it down wall by wall and rebuild. We enlisted the man's aunt and uncle (B & C) and they proceeded to start demolition. Well the wall by wall thing didn't really go as planned. The whole thing was so rotted out that as the walls were coming down, the roof started to come down with it. It literally just kind of fell down. So B & C cleared everything away and rebuilt the thing as fast as they could.

3 days before completion, the inspector shows up. And he was a tad miffed. He walked around the yard and went off on B & C and the man's dad, who just happened to be there that day. He told us we had a week to tear it down and if it wasn't down he would fine B&C and the man's dad 2 thousand each for every week it was still up.

So B & C got the roof off and the man contacted the Inspectors office. This is when we find out that a neighbor called and turned us in for having no permits. &!*&@^#

The inspectors office tells us that we have to contact the zoning board about the garage because the garage is sitting on the property line. So in order to keep it where it is we have to get a variance. Which involves scheduling a meeting with the board. And notifying all neighbors in a 200 ft radius of the meeting, so that they can come and voice their objections. So this put the whole garage on hold for over a month.

to be continued...

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