Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BP can suck it!

Yes I am referring to the BP gas stations.

I went to fill up the other day to a station that is conveniently on my way home. It so happens to be a BP station that I have been going to for years. Well this time after I told the guy to fill it up regular ( yeah in Jersey we don't pump our own gas, it's against the law hehe) I noticed something new. They had two prices for all the grades of gas. One price was for cash, the other was 3 cents higher per gallon for credit. WTF!!!!!

Well they lost me as a customer, I am going to go across the street to the WAWA, where they don't do that.
What whores!


vuboq said...

Did you say "suck it princess" to the attendant as you drove away?

just me said...

Nah that would be a little too Only Me for me. I couldn't give him the satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Consider yourself lucky - in South Florida, BP now charges 6 cents more for paying by credit. WTF is right! And who carries cash in this day and age? They suck. They lost me too.