Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Slow Tuesday

I am sitting here with nothing to do. It's been a while since that has happened. Which explains the lack of frequent posting. I guess if this little area of the interweb was more popular I would feel a little more guilty about it.

So I am sitting here with random thoughts going through my head.

Random thought 1:
A chick I used to be friends with emailed me a few months ago (in a mass email) asking for my address to send invitations to her wedding. Now I haven't heard from this chick in over a year and I only hear from her if I call her. And when I talk to her, it's all about her. It's the "J Show" with occasional commercial breaks to ask what I am up to, followed by more of the "J Show". So needless to say I ignored her email. She met the guy in July and is getting married this March. This is her second marriage, I went to the first wedding and didn't think it would last. I don't have much confidence in this one either. I didn't invite her to my wedding.

Random thought 2:
For some reason my old roommate popped into my head and I was wondering how she was doing in her marriage. She met the guy online and was engaged after 8 months. Just wondering if they are still together and if they did the whole baby thing yet.

Random thought 3:
Been thinking of first dance songs for my wedding. I don't like all of the stereotypical ones, so I was thinking something unique and not heard at weddings that often. Any suggestions?

Those are the ones floating round at the moment. Nothing huge, mostly unimportant drivel.
That's what happens when I have nothing to work on for most of the day. Day dreaming and thinking about stupid shit.

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vuboq said...

VUBOQ saves the day with wedding song suggestions:


It's Raining Men?

I Will Survive?

Perfect, right?