Thursday, February 28, 2008

The weirdness continues...

Ok so we have to go take a premarital class, right? So the other day I got a package in the mail confirming our enrollment in this class. And along with the directions and what not is an audio cd.

Curious I turn it over and it's titled "Sexual Common Sense"

They are teaching the "natural family planning" method on audio cd now!!!!!!!


Now the area I grew up in had rather extensive Health Classes in school. Junior year of high school we had "family living", where the teacher actually talked about different flavors of lubricant, positions, family planning and other methods of contraception, and stuff like that, so I think I am covered. Not to mention my sister was a sexual health advocate in college and is currently a doctor. I don't think I need this cd.

I am actually listening to it in the car. It's more sociology class than sex ed, so it's boring and lame.
I have to fill out a survey to tell if this cd was useful to me. Hehe

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dykewife said...

one of the blogs i read is written by a woman who used the natural family planning method instead of birth control. she was wanting to follow more closely to the dictates of the pope.

she's due in may.