Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Biker status

I finally heard from the man last night right before I went to bed. They ended up in Grand Junction, Colorado. They didn't leave Park City until probably 1 in the afternoon, which is stupid late when you are traveling on a bike. I mean lets travel starting at the hottest time of the day...der. But it wasn't his decision, he was ready to leave at 9 am.

He is getting a little annoyed with his partners in travel, who seem to have the most retarded concept of where things are in this country. I mean they wanted to go from San Diego to San Francisco, which is fine. But when you also want to go see the Grand Canyon, it doesn't make much sense. OH and they also wanted to see Mt Rushmore, which is in South Dakota. So basically the route that they would need to take would have been a north to south zig zag that slowly headed east.

And then today he was ready around 9 again, but the other three guys were farting around. They wanted to go to the Harley dealer. So they did and were there for 2 hours, then he texts me that after that the guys wanted to go to the post office to mail stuff home and then to target before they left. Needless to say the man was livid. By the time he texted me it was already 11 and they HAD to go to the post office and target, for what...I have no idea.

Then he tells me that the guys were talking about going to North Dakota and to Nashville. It was bad enough one of the guys insisted they go to Salt Lake City from Arizona, which turned out to put an extra 800 on their travels cause it is so far north and they could have just cut across the southern part of Utah through to Colorado. So now they wanted to go through three states to get to North Dakota and then go south east through another 3 or so states to get to Tennesee. They could have been more than half way home by now, but they aren't going on any sensible course to get back east, they just keep going north and south out of their way.

So the man is pissed, he hasn't been home since the 16th and he just wants to be done. He is tired of the guys fucking around all morning when they could be riding and actually seeing and visiting stuff. Because by the time they leave they can only get maybe 5-6 hours of riding in for the day.

So that's the status of where the man is. Me, I am just sitting here doing my regular every day shit. I kind of want his trip to be over now. He is having fun, so I don't fault him for it and it's a once in a lifetime kind of thing, so I have the patience to wait for him to get back. I'm just getting bored now.

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