Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's Wii-derful

The man got me a Wii for my birthday yesterday! That was the highlight of my day. I usually take the day off for my birthday to just do nothing and chill out. However, since I took off two weeks for the honeymoon, they kind of frowned on it. So I had to work, for the first time, on my birthday and it sucked. There was nothing to do, so I just sat here goofing off on the internet.

I went home for lunch and the man was running around, on the phone doing stuff. Very uneventful.
Back at work he tells me that he has failed. I said failed what? He said he had been trying all day to get me a Wii and couldn't find one. He called 80 Game Stops trying to find one that had them. No no avail. So I was a little bummed but what can you do.

So I got home from work and my parents were at my house making dinner. Yes in my family we get what we want for dinner home made by mom. So I wanted filet mignon, corn on the cob and mashed taters, followed by German Chocolate Cake.

The man tried to give me my presents before dinner, but I wanted to wait. So after dinner he gave me games and controllers for the Wii, telling me that he would try and get a wii as soon as possible but at least we had the controllers and some games to start when we do get it. But then he pulled out another box, which I had already seen on the floor, and that had the wii in it. YAY! He got me the Wii!!

I can seriously understand why so many people want it, it is so much fun to play. I played for a good 3 hours yesterday and I am itching to get home to play again.

The man wants to get the Wii Fit so that he can work out to it. He was at home today playing the boxing game working up a sweat, so maybe it could work for him. Who knows.

Now I have to go out and get him something for his birthday, which is on Saturday. Probably going to buy him another DS because he left his last one on the plane coming home from our honeymoon. He is seriously like a kid sometimes when it comes to losing things.

And so continues our summer of birthdays. The new nephew is on the July 1, I am the 7th, my g-mom is the 9th, the man is the 12th, my brothers fiancé is the 17th, my sisters is the 23rd and my sister-in-law's is the 31st.

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