Monday, July 28, 2008

Update n'stuff

The man has been gone since the 16th. He had to work in San Diego on a show for 5 days.

He shipped his motorcycle there and he and three other guys are currently riding back east.
They left on Thursday afternoon, going south to Yuma Arizona. Then from Yuma to the Grand Canyon. Then Grand Canyon to Park City Utah. They left Park City sometime late morning and that's the last I have heard from him. They were heading to Colorado, not sure what town. I am assuming the lack of text messages is either there is very little to no signal out in the mountains or his phone died.

I usually get a phone call or message when they finally hit a hotel. So hopefully they had a good day of riding and I will hear from them soon.

I think I should see him sometime on Monday or Tuesday depending on how many miles they do a day. The last three days they were doing around 400 miles a day, so who knows.

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