Thursday, July 31, 2008

On the road

Ok so the man had a discussion with the guys about them screwing around and wasting time. They seemed to understand. Considering one guy is insistent on being back by Monday or Tuesday.

So they left Junction City, Colorado and ended up in Canon, Colorado by the end of the day.

From there they headed into Kansas. According to the man it wasn't that fun of a ride. Very flat, not much to look at and smelled of pig and cow shit. Which I can imagine can be pretty foul when you are on a bike and don't have the interior of a car to sort of buffer it a tad.

By the end of the day they stopped in Dodge City. They were told by many people to stay out of bars with Spanish names because they would definitely end up in a bar fight and in the middle of a lot of gang activity. So they pretty much stayed out of any bar at all just to avoid any possible fighting, since one of the guys on the trip is known to be a moron and could possible cause a fight. Instead they went to the Steak House attached to their hotel.

Today, they continued on through Kansas. By around 2 they had hit Wichita and I believe they will be trying to making it to Joplin, Missouri by the end of the day. They are getting closer. Wondering how the ride through Missouri is going to go. I believe they are going to go through there and head a little south so that they can hit Nashville, which probably won't happen until Saturday. That should be interesting...

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