Thursday, July 3, 2008

In Pain

So I went to my trainer two days ago after an absence of a month.
I don't know what the hell happened but suddenly my shoulder has no strength in it. It is my arthritic owwie shoulder (thanks so much sports as a kid). But I didn't think a month off would put it in this state. I could barely press 10lbs. And now it hurts so bad I can barely lift my arm. Just lifting my arm to put in a cd hurts.
Now I have to put off the gym again until it starts to feel better. Damnit!

In other news, not much is going on in this neck of the woods. Tomorrow is Independence Day, so I get the day off. I am having people over for a bbq and if they want they can stay until fireworks, since they are done a block or so away. The cool thing is we can watch them from my backyard, so we don't have to deal with the crowds.

So last night I was cleaning and organizing the man's mess of a filing cabinet. I don't know how he finds anything. Everything is stuffed in there and half folded or crinkled so that it takes up more space. So I sat on the floor and put everything in it own folder to be named later when I get the damn tab things. Looks like I am going to be the one to deal with the bill filing, so that it doesn't become a total mess.

Then I went on to clean the living room, which was a tad dusty. And I found the most foul thing on the shelves. Shoved against the side, so that I couldn't see it from across was room, was a beer bottle with a bit of beer left in it. I am not sure how long it had been sitting there, but there was mold floating in it and a spider. Freaking disgusting. I can only assume the man left it there on our wedding day when we had people over and we got tanked. But still freaking gross. *shudder*

I still have some cleaning left to do. The kitchen needs a scrubbing and you always have to make sure the bathrooms are clean when you have company over. And our bedroom is a dust ball. SO that will be my evening tonight.

I have an hair appointment today too. My hair has made it to the middle of my back and that is just way too long for summer. My hair is so heavy and thick it makes me crazy and I just need to hack it off. I would go really short, but I know the man would be sad, so I think to the shoulders is as much as I am going to cut off.

So it would be nice to get out of work early so I don't have to fight traffic to get to the appointment. But I don't think that is going to happen. The boss is going on a 2 week vacation to Isreal and when he is going to be away for a while, he spazzes and panics and we end up having to stay even when we don't have any work to work on. Oh well, that's the way it goes I guess.

Oh well, I have rambled enough for now. Not that I am boring that many of you. Just my one reader in Canada. Hello Canada.

Have a good weekend.

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dykewife said...

only one reader in canada?

i hope your shoulder improves. would physiotherapy help it any? i'm pretty certain that some nsaids such as aspirin or ibuprofen would help some. dang. hurtin' sucks.