Monday, April 21, 2008

Oog I hurt and other good times

This weekend was a little more entertaining than I have had in a while.

Saturday was our neighborhood Progressive Dinner. It is a lot of fun. It involves going to a different neighbors house for each course of dinner. And everyone walks through the neighborhood with their wine or beer coolers to all the houses. So there was an appetizer, salad, entree and desert house. We skipped the apps because it was at the asshole neighbor who called the township on us's house, yup them. So we went right to salads at the scheduled time. It was cool, turns out it was a the house of a guy who I grew up living two houses away from. The other courses were at two houses that had been remodeled and I became jealous of their kitchens. But it was really fun.

Sunday the man decided that he wanted to insulate and sheet rock the garage. This involved a trip to Home Depot. Which is not usually a big deal. But we managed to get a cart that would not go straight. And once you have 14 sheets of sheet rock and insulation and spackle becomes a freakin nightmare. Just trying to maneuver the damn thing was evil. The man was in the front pulling and I was pushing and trying to steer the damn thing. It was all a pain but we made it to the checkout, but as we are going through people were just getting in the way. I mean we had a HUGE load of stuff and were saying hey look out we don't want to hit you, and people wouldn't get out of the way, we almost knocked a bunch of people over.
And while trying to get it through checkout the man pulled the damn thing and it started turning, and my hand happened to be in the way and it got crushed. Instant purple knuckles and swelling. Then when we finally got it almost out the door, IT HAPPENED AGAIN! So my left hand is freakin killing me.

We finally got it outside and someone came over to help us. Yes this whole time people were just watching us struggle with the damn thing.

So now my left hand hurts, and my trapezius muscle is all tight and owwy from pulling the damn cart and lifting sheet rock.

We almost got the garage done though. It's about 3/4 sheet rocked now, so soon we will be able to put up shelves and build a work bench and stuff to organize our crap. YAY

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