Monday, April 14, 2008


Nothing exciting happened this weekend.

I went to Old Navy with my mom for clothes. Ending up buying $358 worth. But had $190 in gift cards.
And then my mom paid for the remainder! Totally unexpected...I should try milking this getting married thing a little more.

The man worked from Thursday 10pm until 8am Saturday, straight. Yes people 32 hours in a row. I don't think he slept, but he did get the opportunity to shower and change clothes. The shitty thing is that he barked his shin on some stage truss in the first hour of the job. So he ended up walking on it for the other 30 hours. It was really swollen and hurt bad. We think it's infected now, cellulitis, cause it's all red and hot. He has been taking old antibiotics and it seems to be going away. Good thing because he could barely walk on it when he got home. I think I will make him go to the doctor if it's still red by tomorrow.

I had a makeup test for the wedding yesterday. It was a little odd, because I don't usually wear a lot of makeup, I am not very girlie. But I had to go lightly on everything because I hate having that caked makeup look. Plus it's a wedding, so I don't need to look like a hooker.

After that fun time, the man and I went for a motorcycle ride because the weather was nice. Weee!


vuboq said...

At first, when I read "makeup test for the wedding," I was all "she missed the first test? and why do you have to take a test to get married?"

Then, I continued reading.

I am a dork.

just me said...

Test!? God wasn't the premarital class enough?