Thursday, April 24, 2008

Under Construction...again

Finally after 3 weeks of waiting the materials for our fence have come in.

Yesterday the man and his dad rented an auger and went to digging some post holes.
Two of them were a pain in the ass because of massive amounts of concrete burried in our yard and roots from our huge tree. But by 7:30 we had it done.

So I left for work this morning and the man went to putting it together. After one hitch (they cut the holes to small on one of the posts) he was rolling along.

by 9:30
the first section was up.

By 10:10
the second section was done.

I am wondering if he is going to send me a pic for all 7 sections. Only time will tell.

Once the fence is done we are going to sod the whole yard, so that we can finally have grass. We haven't had grass in the back yard since we moved in. When we moved in there were two small trees, a brick wall planter area around that and a pond in the corner where the fence is going. The rest of the yard was pavers with stuff growing through them and the rest was mulch. I think the people that lived there previously must have hated mowing the lawn, so they just got rid of it. And along the edges of the yard was overgrown irises. The roots of them were all over the place. I have been ripping it out since we moved in, not because I don't like it but because it is everywhere. It's growing in the middle of the lawn in the front. It seems to just move to new places when I rip it out.

The front yard was another nightmare. There were 15-20 completely overgrown, never trimmed azalea's, pachysandra and ivy. Then there was a small patch of grass maybe 10-20 ft in the middle with some odd palm tree looking thing in the middle. Oh and iris's everywhere there too. We still find it trying to come up in the middle of the front lawn.

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