Friday, April 18, 2008

Spam phone call

I just got a random call on my cell phone, of all things.

It was from a number I didn't recognize and I almost didn't answer it. But I am retarded and bored so I answered.

It was some pleasant sounding woman saying she was calling from a publisher company in Ohio. She said I had entered a contest to win 25k, a trip to Australia, a new car and a room remodeled in my home. Just for entering I would be receiving 4 magazines, such as Good Housekeeping, Elle, Glamour and Rachel Ray, for 48 months for free. They only wanted to verify my address. TO which she did and then asked how the weather was in NJ. I said fine and she said looks like spring is here. Then she said that they like to get information about magazine readers and she had a few questions to ask me. Starting off with my age.

*Brakes squeel*

I stopped her here and said listen I am at work right now and I really can't sit on the phone and go through a list of questions with you. She said would after work hours be better? I said well do I really need to answer your questions? And she got snotty with me and with a "of course you do" tone she said Yes.
I said well then no thank you. And hung up.

The only thing I remember filling out that had a chance to win a trip to Australia was at that damn bridal show my mom made me go to.

I have since looked up the phone number and found stories from other people who got a call from the same number. A lot of these people were women who had filled out something at David's Bridal and who ordered the Bender Ball video.

For future reference if you get a call from 216-456-8038, don't answer it.

Phone solicitor assholes!

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