Friday, November 9, 2007


I had to go pick up the man from the airport last night. He got in early and didn't call me, so I was sitting on the side of the road for a half hour waiting for him to call. (I find out later his phone died, so he had to wait to get his bag to get his charger so he could call me.) So I drive up and he isn't in the middle pickup area, he's right outside the building, which I couldn't get to.

So I pull over at the baggage area cause I saw where he was an call him, and a cunt police officer tried to give me a ticket. She's waving the ticket book at me in my rear view mirror, and I open my window and I yell, I am picking someone up!! She gets all snippy and goes, where are they, and I am pointing to show her he is right behind me and she's all "well you didn't tell me". And I said why else would I pull over?

Then she says well you didn't say anything you were on the phone. I said why would I have to tell you I am picking someone up when I am in the pick up area!? Then she starts with "it's illegal to use a phone in the car". So she starts telling the man that I ignored her and told her I was on the phone. And I said how could I tell you I was on the phone with my window closed?

I was so pissed off, I almost started a fight with her, very close to calling her a cunt to her face.

Sorry for the C-word usage. It's not typical of me (even though only me will say otherwise).
It's a word I use when I REALLY mean it and when its true, like when referring to an officer.

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PMSL! And how dare you mention me and not link? C U Next Tuesday....