Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Monday

Lack of posting due to a pretty boring, uneventful weekend.
I literally didn't do anything but clean. The man worked.

I finished the 6 tiles on the bathroom floor.
I need to paint trim, but I don't wanna.
I need to paint the door, but I don't wanna.

I am currently looking for fun bathroom themed bathroom pics. I have one in mind that a neighbor had outside their bathroom. It was over 20 years ago that I last saw it and I can't really remember what it was exactly. I do remember it was funny and it had a little boy peeing. My problem looking for that is if I use any of those words in a google search, I am afraid I will be hunted down for child porn.

Another one I have in mind is one I saw in a friends house. It is a animation cell from the scrubbing bubbles commercial. It is such a kewl piece for a bathroom. I would try and get one of my own but I don't want to copy my friend, especially since she does come over occasionally.

I have some post card sized images from my old house that are Anne Geddes, of babies in tubs and on stacks of towels, which are incredibly adorable but I don't know if I want to put them up. I was thinking more quirky and funny, than cute. I had this problem when I was looking for things to hang in the bathroom of my old house, there just wasn't anything that grabbed me.

I need something because the walls are bare. Even the man said we need something hanging on the walls, which was a shock cause he isn't really into that kind of thing.

So the search continues...

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vuboq said...

Try this painting hanging over your toilet:

Apparently it's at the DC National Gallery of Art (so if interested I could swing by there sometime to see if they have a small print of it).