Tuesday, November 20, 2007


There is something that I have been thinking about off an on. I just didn't really know how to talk about it.
It's nothing major, but its something that sort of bugs me a bit.

Once a month a bunch of the women on my street have a wine tasting. It's a fun slightly intoxicating good time. It is hosted by a single woman a few houses down, who happens to be a lesbian. I have no problem with the gays, love em in fact. A lot of my good friends are gay, granted they are mostly men. But I get a weird "disliking" vibe from this woman. I feel like she internally rolls her eyes at me when say anything. It makes me sort of not want to go when I think about it. But there are other woman there who are such fun I don't want to miss out.

I don't know why I feel like she has this view of me. She had a pic of the cast of the L Word on her fridge, and I had mentioned that it is one of my favorite shows, which is totally true I love it and can't wait for it to air in Feb (that is unless the writers strike effects it). I don't know if she thinks I was trying to hard to be her friend or something because I mentioned it. Or if she thinks I am too young (I believe I am 12-15 years younger than she is). I dunno, it just bugs me that I feel like she doesn't want me there.

I even got her a quote on designing and printing memo pads for her, super cheap. She basically ignored my email about it, and when I ran into her on the street she was very flippant about it. She said that her boss told her she couldn't get them and then rushed past me to get in her house.

I dunno, I get along famously with gay men. The lesbians seem to not like me, I dunno if it's cause I am straight or what. It's just something that has been bugging me since the last wine tasting and I didn't know how to verbalize it without it sounding odd or offensive to anyone.


vuboq said...
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vuboq said...

Previous nonsensical comment was mine. I was blog surfing and thought I was on a different blog. I really should be allowed to go home.

CresceNet said...
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dykewife said...

perhaps she reminds you of someone who did that to you at one time. i find that if i'm wondering about whether someone is doing something to me and it's possibly open to interpretation (or misinterpretation) i ask. of course, one has to be ready to hear what one doesn't like.

just me said...

Vuboq: It's quite alright, I actually liked the comment.

Dykewife: Not sure if she reminds me of someone. And I am non confrontational, so I won't call her on it. I'll just deal with it and secretly wonder. It's my way.