Thursday, November 1, 2007

Urine Floor

After the kiddies stopped coming I commence ripping up the bathroom floor.

It was gross. Once I started chipping away the eroded linoleum around the toilet, the pee smell intensified.
There was no escaping it, because the area around the toilet is a rather tight area, so I had to be on my hands and knees and lay on top of the toilet to make my way around it. So it was just full on pee smell in my face for and half hour or so.

Once I cleared it all out of there, I swept the floor to get all the little dirt and pieces off the floor. I took all the crap out to the trash, and when I came back in the whole room smelled. I didn't know what to do.

So I texted lady and said, "I need to get a urine smell out of my floor". To which she replied, "you can get that stuff at pet smart". To which I replied, "Human urine". Her reply? "Um. I know there's a story behind this one but the pet smart stuff should work 2".

Hehe lady is funny. She is a doctor and dressed as Olive Oyl for Halloween at work yesterday. hehe
She texted me that she was dressed as Olive Oyl. I replied "On purpose?" hehe

Anyway back to the smell...I actually had some of pet odor remover left over from when the monkey was a puppy. So I rummaged under the sink and found it and proceeded to dowse the floor around the toilet. And then I just left it. I have to check today to see if the smell has been removed. Fingers crossed.

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