Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blood on the Bathroom Floor

I was really itching to get the bathroom floor done before the man comes home. So last night I got home from work and started the process. It was slow going because I had to make the special cuts around the trim work at the door. I got that done with a bunch of mistakes and the rest began to be smooth sailing. That is until I got to about the 8th tile. It was a straight cut pretty easy, nothing special. I measured and went to cut it with my razor knife, when apparently I slipped...

It didn't really hurt at first, so I stopped and looked at my finger. Copious amounts of blood were pouring out of the end of my finger. So immediately put my finger in my mouth and grabbed a pile of paper towels, so that I could apply pressure and put the finger over my head.

When I finally had the courage to look, I saw that I sliced off a good chunk off the tip of my finger, including a piece of the nail. Owwie.

So I saw my mom was online and I told her I was bleeding. She asked if I needed stitches, which I didn't because there wasn't anything to stitch. ( I later found the chunk on the floor.) So my mom asked if I needed help. I said, I think I may need you opinion on it. So she said, be there in a half hour. She came over with bandages and tubular gauze and finger cots to protect it.
Mom's rock!

I also texted lady, and told her. She asked if I had super glue to glue it together. To which I told her that I sliced a chunk off and there was nothing to glue. I texted, lots of blood. She answered apply pressure. Ain't doctors grand.

So I chilled for a little bit and then I got restless again and decided to try to put a few more tiles down. The pink circle is the tile where I sliced my finger. I think I put down about 10 more tiles after that. Then my sister called, so I had to stop.

So all in all it was an exciting evening. I am disappointed I couldn't finish the floor before the man comes home. He won't care, but I wanted to get it done. I have the weekend though, because he will be working. So it's all good.


vuboq said...


i am constantly slicing off bits of my fingers when i'm cooking ... hence, my famous "blood curry." I need to learn better knife skillz, i guess.

Analise said...

Good post.