Thursday, November 29, 2007

hand cramping

i just started signing the company christmas card.

There are 400 of them.

Nuf said


Only me said...

I think that used to be my least fave part of kritmas. I got everyone to sign and then ran them through the laser printer. They curled a bit but it was easier to refold 1000 cards than sign them.

And to hide the deceipt we all signed with slightly different coloured pens so on the colour laser it looked pretty authentic.

just me said...

Yeah we would do that too. The only problem is that our printer is a total piece of shit and it has been jamming for months now. I have been pushing to get a new one and it's taking forever, so we have to hand sign them

Only me said...

Sucks to be you ;)

Only me said...

PS. Blogging about hand cramping, IM'ing about strokes, jeez - anyone would think you had a one track mind girl....Suck it princess x

just me said...

I said my computer had a stroke, how could I possibly have meant a pervy stroke?