Thursday, November 29, 2007

All I want for Christmas...

...oh I don't freaking know.

I am trying to compile a list of things to ask for to make it easier on my family to find things for me for Christmas. We do this every year to make it easier for everyone to shop. I need generic things like clothes but I can't think of specific things. And my mothers taste vary so much from what I like that it can be scary. I just can't think of that many things I want, I basically want to pay my debt off but asking for money is not cool for Christmas. Asking for money for wedding absolutely, Christmas...not so much.

One person that is hard to shop for is my dad, cause he has every tool type gadget and piece of golf equipment, and his birthday is in November so you have to be ready to get him something else right away.

The other is the man, why you man ask? Because when he wants something he mentions it, I note it in my data banks, and then the bugger goes and buys it for himself. Makes it exceedingly difficult to get him anything. And I don't like always getting someone gift cards, especially family because to me it's a little too impersonal. I already got him one thing and I am praying he doesn't go behind my back and order it online or something. I have to keep saying to him Christmas is coming and if you keep buying yourself things, we won't have anything to get for you. He doesn't seem to get it, is it a boy thing?

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