Thursday, December 13, 2007

death warmed over

All week I have pretty much felt like poo. It started Monday and hasn't really improved.
I think it's some kind of stomach flu thing, that is going around. And I have been trying to stave it off. But I am failing.

Last night at the wine tasting I pondered going home after the second wine. But I stuck it out.
I learned some things about a few of the women on my street. Nothing I would want to commit to the interwebs. But interesting. And I found out the host, whom I have posted about before, the one who I don't think likes me...yeah she doesn't even remember my name so that's confirmed. Lovely huh. Whatever...

So I came home mildly drunk and went to bed around 11. Slept til 7 which is decent, but I am so tired I am zoning out and almost falling asleep while sitting here. I had to force my breakfast down and try not to be sick. Blah.

so yeah i feel like crud.

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vuboq said...

crud is a bad thing to feel like. i hope you feel better soon. try to look on the bright side. at least you have hot water :-)