Monday, December 17, 2007

I am a blogger slacker

I actually had work to do today so I didn't have a chance to blog.

This weekend was so so. Saturday I put lights on the tree while the man worked on some electrical stuff in the garage. Then we did a little shopping for some family Christmas presents and ended up buying stuff for ourselves (teehee).

My mom called me in the afternoon to see if I wanted to go to see Peter Pan since my dad wasn't feeling too great. So the man went to work and mom came to pick me up to go see the play in the city. good times.

Sunday we lazed around the house in the morning, then to the gym. Afternoon was decorating the tree time! There it is in all it's brightly lit goodness. YAY!

Not much else happened. Sorry to bore anyone who may stumble by.

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Anonymous said...

Stumble. Hic. Where the fuck am I?