Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This is not good...

I have blogged in the past about the "chickens" that we own. They are noisy and messy and expensive and all that. We have two large cages for both of them to enjoy in our office area. Today I came home and did a few things before retriving them and bringing them to their perch in the living room.

So I went into the office and I found this ---->

Um no birds?! WTF? They were in there this morning, I swear.

So I look over to the other side of the room and I see this
<------ (Oh hai wuz u lookin for uz?)
Notice the bird poo spot on my couch just below the bird on the right. Also notice the half torn down baby wallpaper and crappy curtains left by the old owner that I have yet to finish removing.
(Yeah lived her over a year now)

Seems they have figured out how to open the cages. Little bastards. And one of them figured out how to open BOTH doors.
I have no idea how long they were out. I am assuming not very since there were only two spots of poo on the couch.

This is just what we need flying escape artists.


dykewife said...

sounds like locks are in the birds' futures.

brad at southern expressions (see my blog roll if you want to take a boo at him) has a cockatoo named elvis. elvis created a small problem for brad in that he began to dismantle his cage...on bar at a time. brad had to get a new cage.

birds may have little brains but they know how to use the little they've got.

vuboq said...

Your pigeons must be really smart!