Monday, December 3, 2007

Just another...

...Manic Monday.
Ohhhhh Weee Ohhhhh.

Not really manic, just Monday.

I finished my Christmas list. And I have just started a bunch of emails back and forth with the siblings to figure out what the hell we are getting for mom.

I went shopping and to lunch with mom this weekend for stuff for the man and my dad. Got a few things. She bought something for me to give to my sister (score no shopping). So my brother is the only one left in my family.

Now I have the man's family to shop for. And they are difficult. They all say get them a gift card when I ask what they want. But I hate doing that cause it takes no thought and it's too impersonal for me.

So the younger sister-in-law (J3), when asked, said she wanted a new boyfriend, a million dollars and a new car. (silly when you can get a new car with a million, but I digress). Then she said gift card. I said so you want an impersonal gift card? She said I don't know get me a pony.

Yeah she should be careful what she wishes for...hehehe.

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