Sunday, December 2, 2007

A little scare

I just realized that at some point I am going to have to change the address on my drivers license.

Now if you live in New Jersey you would understand how much of a pain in the ass this is.
Why you may ask? Well because they came up with this new set of rules on how to get your license and it's involves a point system. You need 6 points of id to get your license, even if you are renewing.

Step 1 - Primary document: at least a birth certificate or a passport, that's 4 points.
Step 2 - Secondary document (show at least one but not more than 2): Marriage or divorce cert - 3 pts (I don't have), school, college, federal id - 2 pts (yeah don't have them either), Current drivers license - 1 pt (!!!!! WTF), SS card, bank card, health ins card with pay stub - all one point (could they possibly ask for more documents?)
Step 3 - Proof of address: Any bill or statement sent to the address, a lease, property tax bill, IRS correspondence or mail received from the government.

Then the need your SS to verify your name and date of birth match the SS number, because nothing you already gave them would tell you that!

So once you get all that shit together you go and stand in line and someone makes sure you have a all your points, so that they will renew or change the license you already have!

The kicker...I thought I lost my birth certificate (4pts!!!!) and my SS card. Spent an hour going through my filing cabinet and found them amongst a bunch old utilities bills.

Why were they there? Well when we moved here the man was brining my small filing cabinet in the house and dropped it on the concrete, it's exploded all my paperwork everywhere. So in a frantic attempt to pick it all up it ended up mixed up badly.

But its found and now I have valid identification. Hurrah


dykewife said...

that's an incredible invasion of privacy!

here we can go to any licence issuer - which doesn't have to be the dmv), give them our old licence, they pop you up on the computer (centralized to the government) and they print up a new one, ask the usual questions that are always "no", and then you sign the form. if you need a picture that year (every 5 years here) they do that and it's mailed later.

i love that we don't have to go to the dmv because that means there are few lineups.

Only me said...

In Aus we take our renewal slip to any office, they offer us the chance to change our photo if we want (This is taken right there). We choose how long we want the license to be valid for (it's more expensive for longer periods although cheaper in the long term). They print the license with photo and give it to us. We leave. Easy.