Monday, December 17, 2007

My car stinks

I own a 2001 Jetta, I love my car. It's one of my most favorite buys. For the last few days the 'ol girl has been emitting a smell. A burning plastic smell. It's bad. On friday I consulted my brother, the car guy, on what he thought it could be. He told me to buy something or other and put it in the gas tank and that should work. As any good sister would do, I ignored him and kept driving it.

So today I go to work and I don't really notice it. But when I went home for lunch I noticed it and it was worse than ever. So I called Pep Boys and brought her in to have her checked. Turned out to be the fuel system (damn brother being right). So they fixed it, I payed for it and drove it home. No smell.

However, they also told me the interior had a smell and they recommended that I have the ventilation system cleaned. Now anyone who has been in my car would tell you that it has a smell. That smell is crayons. I have been tortured by the man about it. He doesn't even like to drive in it because of the smell. I don't notice it unless I don't drive for a week or longer, which is close to never. So I assumed that that was the smell they were talking about and told them to not bother with the ventilation because I wasn't concerned about it. But when I got to my car at Pep Boys the interior was all fogged up, like someone had a good time in the back seat while I was gone. And when I got inside the crayon smell was intensified. I don't know what they did to my car but I am seriously hoping it goes away because it was damn awful. I am cool with a faint smell or one I am used to but this was bad and it started to give me a headache.

I hope it fades, because it has made me sad. Oh and I also got in it to find my engine light was suddenly on because the asshead technician didn't clear the codes when he was done with my car. Fucktards I tell ya.

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Only me said...

I was once an unwilling passenger in a Jetta when it got involved in a police chase. They can fairly go when they want eh?

The one I was in didn't smell of anything so pleasant as crayons....