Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holy Windiness

It's hovering a few degrees above freezing today, but its windy as hell.
Which makes me look kinda like this when I go outside ---->

I just heard it's snowing, but I don't know if it is doing it here yet.
Why you may ask? Because we have no windows in my section of the office. We are basically kept like mushrooms in the dark.

This morning our wood pile had a tarp on it. When I went home for lunch it was suddenly gone. Dastardly wind! I do wonder where the tarp ended up. I would have liked to see it blow over our fence and into some lucky neighbors yard like some huge fluttering giant plastic bag.


vuboq said...

we had snow flurries this morning.

dykewife said...

one think i liked about a couple of the offices i worked at was that i couldn't see outside. that way i'd be surprised by whatever weather was out there. it always saved me from fretting over the little things like not having an umbrella or wearing skimpy sandals and the like.

Only me said...

Your hair looks funny. He he he. Funny I says.

goblinbox said...

Mushrooms are delicious!