Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Post Office

I finished my alphalist cds so I figured I would get them out today. So I go to the post office thinking it wouldn't be too crowded at 1:15. Wrong! The line was almost out the door. And they only had 2 people working at the counter. BLARG!

So I wasted about 20 minutes of my lunch hour sitting in line. The only good thing was that it cost me less than $5 to send out 6 cds and one was to Australia. YAY!

I still hate dealing with the post office.


vuboq said...

We'll have to have a race to see whose Alphalist CDs arrive first, since I mailed mine today too.

I hate the post office as well. I swear the people who work there move as slow as they can on purpose.

Only me said...

How different to my experience! I spent about the same time there but the staff were on fire. They were so quick! They were encouraging us to help out by sticking on some of the plethora of stickers, customs slips, airmail stickers, etc while they were doing the technical pricing and routing paperwork.

Mine cost me in the region of $100 cos some people had gifts included. I think the postage cost about the same as the gifts. Bah. Why couldn't Kritmas be on 16th March when I'll be on the same continent?