Monday, December 3, 2007


We recently got a blower for our fireplace, to circulate the heat across the room better.
It looks like this ---->

The idea is to build the fire on the bars and the bars heat up, then the blower sucks air from the room through the little box on the side through the heated bars, which blows heated air into the room through the holes in the bars on the top.

Great idea right?

Well it seems that this thing is blowing smoky air into the room. And the entire house smells. The thing sits right in the opening of the firebox and if a log gets too close to the front I think the smoke makes its way into the room. And we also think there is a gap somewhere where the blower attaches to the tubes that is getting smoke into it and heating it up and blowing it back into the room. it's annoying and we are sad.

It seems to help heat up the rest of the room a little bit but not a huge amount. And the damn thing cost a lot of money. It was basically a waste, I hope we can return it.

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