Monday, October 22, 2007

Anger Update

When I got home from work on friday, they were still there. I was in no mood to deal with them, and at this point I was wound up all day and had a screaming headache and I just didn't want to talk to them. So I walk through the front door and get a "Hey girlie how are ya?" They both acted as if nothing happened. Seriously they must be certifiable. And all I could think of was WTF!!!!

So I chatted and played nice nice while they were getting ready to go home. I assured them that we would have check by Monday, only to have them tell me they wouldn't be able to come back until Tuesday. So again I am thinking WTF you were so adamant about us having the rest by Monday and now you aren't even showing up until Tuesday!!!! They packed up everything that was theirs in my house, including food they bought, and left.

By the time the man came home I was relatively chilled out. He, on the other hand, was still pissed because he had talked to a bunch of family telling them the story, that he worked himself up even more. Finding out all sorts of stories from his family about these two. I mean we knew they were cheap but it turns out that they have a few rental properties and if the rent is more than an hour later than last month they show up knocking on your door. And we know they aren't stretched tight on money or hard up for cash. They are very well off people, so why they freaking psychosis about getting your payments? I guess I am more laid back about that sort of thing, but when your behavior about things like money makes people hate you for it, chill the fuck out or don't do work like that or rent things out.

So the man is ready to say something to them when he hands them the check for the final amount on Tuesday. And hopefully I won't be there because I don't think I will be able to stand there and hear it. I would rather walk away from a shitty situation, then to sit there and argue about it or start a feud within the family. Pay em and get them the hell out of my house and ignore them at family functions. Less bullshit I have to deal with in my life by getting them out of it.

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