Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yard Sale Madness

I went over to the 'rents house this morning because there was a neighborhood yard sale going on and I figured I would hang with mom for a while.

Yard sales sort of creep me out a little. I mean it's a bunch of other people's old crap that they don't want anymore. It is essentially people buying other people's garbage, when you break it down. It's just garbage that people are too lazy to throw away or donate. So why would I want to pay for other people's garbage?

I kind of have the same feeling about vintage stuff and antiques too. I would much rather buy something that is new. It's just my thing. I like having new things.

I tend to use things until they are of no use to anyone else, or if they are still in working order I donate them to needy people. I am a huge fan of throwing things away too. I can't stand people who are pack rats. It makes me nuts. I know a couple of pack rats too and I don't know how they can live that way. I mean they have garages, basements and attics they can't use because they are so stuffed with crap. Old toys, rusty broken tools, broken furniture, shit like that. I would love to just go to their houses with a dumpster and just go to town throwing things away.

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