Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wine Tasting...good times

So last night was my second wine tasting with the women in the neighborhood.
I brought the man's aunt B with me since she is staying with us while the garage is being built.

This month's choice was Reisling, of which I am a huge fan, so I was happy. B fit right in with the group which was a relief, because she can be abbraisive and you never know what she is going to say. To prove my point someone said about one of the selections, "I don't like the smell, but it tastes good." To which B replied "That's what the fisherman said to the old lady." And the whole room exploded in laughter. I was kind of surprised that came out of her mouth but it was hilarious.

There was a ton of food, more than we could get through. I made my mom friend's taco dip which is lovingly called Wendy's Dip. Big hit, everyone loved it and were surprise as it's simplicity. But appetizers should be simple, in my humble opinion.

I also got to play with the cutest kitten in the world. My neighbor found him on her lawn at 2 days old and has been hand raising him ever since. He is now about 3 and a half months old and friggin adorable. And I am not a cat person, go figure.

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Only me said...

Uh oh. I'm not a cat person either but S has this most adorable kittie ever. Now I'm sad again.