Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I get more and more annoying with myspace every time I log on. That is if I can log on.
It is consistently bogged down and slow. Yet I still haven't deleted the profile that I haven't updated since I started with it.

The most I get out of it anymore is occasionally I will get a message from some old school friend. Or I read the crap surveys that my friends answer when I am bored.

I think I keep it because I met the man on it. Yup I met my future husband on the internet. Myspace really isn't even a dating site. I was on two other dating sites and met a bunch of wackos and losers. The weird thing is I found that a lot of military guys try to meet woman on dating sites. I think I dated 4 or 5 air force guys that way. It was almost a joke after a while. I would try to not meet military guys but inevitably they would find me. My friends found it amusing. My mom, however, hated it.

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